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VOL. XVII, Issue 3

Book Review: La polizia della storia, La fabbrica delle fake news nell’affaire Moro [Policing the Nar- rative, the Fabrication of Fake News in the Moro Affair]

In recent years, several books on the BR have been published which take advantage of newly declassified sources in state archives and oral histories told by protagonists and witnesses of those events. Apart from Marco Clementi, Elisa Santalena, Matteo Antonio Albanese, Gianremo Armeni, and Vladimiro Satta, Paolo Persichetti has certainly been one of the most prolific and active researchers, also through his blog Persichetti’s past, however, has often been the subject of criticism. In fact, Persichetti does not hide that he himself entered the BR in 1986. After fully serving a long prison sentence, Persichetti became a researcher and a historian of the BR.

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