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VOL. XVII, Issue 1

Profiles of Individual Radicalisation in Australia (PIRA): Introducing an Australian Open-Source Extremist Database

The Profiles of Individual Radicalisation in Australia (PIRA) database captures information on individuals, residing in Australia, who have radicalised to extremism and engaged in a variety of violent and nonviolent ideologically motivated behaviours. Using open-source data, PIRA comprises demographical, individual background, and contextual information and closely replicates the Profiles of Individual Radicalisation in the United States (PIRUS) database. PIRA aims to support research on pathways towards violent extremism and identify background characteristics and risk factors associated with radicalisation. This article seeks to introduce PIRA and provide an overview of its development and coding method, provides a snapshot of the backgrounds, profiles, and risk factors associated with individual radicalisation within the PIRA sample, and briefly compares these findings to existing research. Finally, future research and applications of PIRA are discussed. 


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