Editorial Team

The Editorial Team at Perspectives on Terrorism is made up of the Steering Board, the Editor-in-Chief, the Co-Editors and the Managing Editor. The team is responsible for the thematic direction and academic quality of the journal. 

Graig Klein
Dr Graig Klein
PT Co-Editor, ISGA Assistant Professor
Joachim Koops
Prof Joachim Koops
PT Steering Board Member, ISGA Professor
Thomas Renard
Dr Thomas Renard
PT Steering Board Chair, ICCT Director
Anna-Maria Andreeva
Anna-Maria Andreeva
PT Managing Editor, ICCT Publications Managing Editor, ICCT Junior Research Fellow
Tim Wilson
Prof Tim Wilson
PT Co-Editor, CSTPV Director
Alex Schmid
Prof em Alex Schmid
PT Co-Editor, ICCT Distinguished Fellow
Joana Cook
Dr Joana Cook
PT Co-Editor, ICCT Publications Editor-in-Chief, ISGA Assistant Professor
James Forest
Prof James Forest
PT Editor-in-Chief, UMass Lowell Professor, ICCT Distinguished Fellow