Volume VII, Issue 5, 2013

Table of contents

Resources 9

Literature on the Arab Spring

Reviewed by Judith Tinnes

Literature on Diasporas and Terrorism

Reviewed by Eric Price

Book Review: “Counterterrorism Bookshelf”: Literature on Intelligence and Terrorism

Reviewed by Joshua Sinai

Book Review: Robert Dover, Michael S. Goodman and Claudia Hillebrand (Eds.). Routledge Companion to Intelligence Studies.

Reviewed by Kenneth A. Duncan

Book Review: Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon’s Party of God by Matthew Levitt

Reviewed by Joshua Sinai

Book Review: The Relationship between Rhetoric and Terrorist Violence by Alison G.Smith

Reviewed by Mark Dechesne

Book Review: Raphael Lefevre, Ashes of Hama: the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Reviewed by Richard Phelps

Book Review: Michael Struett, Jon D. Carlson, and Mark Nance (Eds.), Maritime Piracy and the Construction of Global Governance.

Reviewed by Peter Lehr

After the Fall: The Muslim Brotherhood's Post Coup Strategy

Reviewed by Philipp Holtmann